Women's Health Clinic Insurance
Comprehensive Business Insurance Coverage for Women's Health Clinics

As an executive for an women’s health nonprofit, your plate is full. Nonprofit professionals like you have to make do with less. You wear many hats, juggle many responsibilities, and work hard for a cause you’re dedicated to. With all this, you don’t have much time to analyze the ins and outs of various insurance plans.

At insureon, we try to streamline the insurance process for nonprofits like yours. We simplify our online insurance application, making it possible for many of our customers to get insurance quotes within minutes of applying.

To make things easier for you, we’ve broken down the key insurance policies that your nonprofit should consider purchasing. They are...

Directors and Officers Insurance for Abortion Nonprofit Organizations

Directors and Officers Insurance (also called D&O Insurance) protects your board members, directors, and officers from lawsuits that claim they…

  • Wrongfully terminated an employee.
  • Misused funds.
  • Harassed or mistreated employees.
  • Were negligent or failed to perform necessary duties.

These lawsuits may cost more than your nonprofit can afford, which means your directors and officers may have to pay for their own defense out of pocket. Many prospective board members will want to know that your nonprofit has adequate insurance to cover their professional liabilities. For this reason, D&O insurance is an important recruitment tool for your nonprofit as you seek strong, influential members for your board.

Directors and Officers Insurance can pay for these lawsuits. That means when a former employee sues your business for wrongfully terminating them, you D&O policy can pay for the lawsuit. Often these lawsuits don’t have any merit. But even when you win a lawsuit, you may still have to pay for the cost of your defense, which can easily run in the tens of thousands of dollars.

D&O insurance can keep your nonprofit operational during these lawsuits and help you recruit new board members.

Insureon: Custom-Designed Insurance for Women’s Clinics

As a women’s health or abortion clinic, your business faces liabilities specific to your industry. Insureon’s agents are each trained to specialize with certain types of businesses.

When you contact insureon, you’ll work with someone especially trained in insurance policies for abortion clinics and other related health nonprofits.

At insureon, we custom tailor each insurance plan to fit the needs of your industry and your particular business. Fill out our simple online insurance application and work with a specialist today.

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