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Religious organizations are centers for community gathering, celebration, and solace. They may offer counseling, run outreach programs, provide education, and help their worshippers in countless other ways. While this engagement makes churches and other religious organizations invaluable to the people they serve, it also exposes them to liabilities that other nonprofit organizations don’t face.

The good news is that liability insurance can help religious organizations manage their liability exposures. While nobody likes to think about suing a church or temple, the reality is that it does happen. Whatever the outcome, an appropriate business insurance policy can prevent the legal costs from draining your financial resources so that you’re able to continue carrying out your mission and serving your members.

Churches and other religious organizations can often benefit from carrying a number of business insurance policies, including…

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Insureon customizes insurance plan to fit individual organizations and denominations. Each house of worship is unique, and you’ll want to work with an agent who specializes in nonprofit insurance for churches, temples, and other religious nonprofits. Your insureon agent will do just that.

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