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Nonprofit community centers are powerful forces for creating and supporting vibrant communities around the country. From after-school activities and athletics to holiday celebrations and activities for seniors, community centers offer something for everyone. Because they tend to serve such large populations, though, community centers tend to have high liability exposures. After all, the more people who come through a center’s doors each day, the more likely it is that one of those people will find reason to file a lawsuit.

Of course, the news isn’t all bad. You can protect your community center and help manage its risks by investing in liability insurance policies, which can pay legal expenses in the unfortunate event of a lawsuit. So which insurance policies make the most sense for the risks community centers face? Most centers require a patchwork of policies to ensure adequate coverage. Read more about some of the most popular policies below, and an agent can help you determine which ones make the most sense for the work you do.

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Directors and Officers Insurance for Youth Programs, Community Service Organizations, Community Health Centers, Community Recreation Services, and Youth Organizations

Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O Insurance) is an important asset for attracting top-quality members to your nonprofit’s board of directors.

A successful, well-connected board is one common trait to most successful nonprofits. Board members can recruit new funding sources, make partnerships, and guide your organization through its long-term planning.

Directors and Officers insurance can help attract high quality board members because it protects their liabilities. D&O insurance can pay for your board’s legal defense when another party claims it…

  • Misused funds.
  • Mistreated employees (harassment, wrongful termination, etc.).
  • Was negligent in its duties.

Often these lawsuits have no validity. But even if the other party is wrong to make accusations against your board of directors, someone still has to pay for the legal defense. Many nonprofits can’t afford these expenses and board members or other officers may have to pay for their own legal defense.

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