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Business Insurance Coverages for Nonprofit Counseling and Referral Services

Counseling and referral services provide an essential service to the people who come through their doors. But the work of counselors is less objective than that of, say, architects. And as a counselor, you often work with people in elevated emotional states. These two factors can make for a hotbed of potential liability exposure: even when you’re doing consistent, conscientious work, there’s a possibility that someone will find fault or target you as a scapegoat and file a lawsuit against you.

That’s never a fun experience, but it can be made less painful with the protection of liability insurance. Because liability insurance can pay many of the costs associated with being sued, it can help keep your practice financially viable even if you’re facing legal bills or a settlement or judgment. The financial support from a liability insurance policy can make the difference between being able to continue serving your clients and being forced to shut your doors.

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Directors and Officers Insurance for Counseling and Psychology Nonprofit Organizations

Directors and Officers Insurance is a vital not-for-profit insurance policy.

D&O Insurance can pay for lawsuits against your directors, officers, and other board members when someone claims your NPO…

  • Terminated an employee wrongfully.
  • Harassed an employee.
  • Used funds inappropriately.

If a wrongful termination lawsuit targets your board, your board may have to pay for its own legal defense if you don’t have D&O coverage.

Having a good relationship with your board is important for the sustenance and growth of any nonprofit. Your board of directors is your connection to the community, investment, and fundraising. Having strong Directors and Officers Insurance not only protects your business, but it can also help you recruit new members to your organization as they’ll know they’ll be covered from common lawsuits against them.

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As both a nonprofit and counseling / referral organization, you have distinct needs for your insurance. When you contact insureon, you’ll work with an insurance professional who specializes in both nonprofits and counseling / therapy professionals.

Our agents use their training in finding insurance for counseling nonprofits to customize your insurance to fit your unique coverage needs.

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