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Whether you run a daycare from your home or a separate commercial location, you’re exposed to a number of risks every day, from slips and falls to impetigo outbreaks to the dreaded children who bite. It can be hard to tell when a parent will be understanding about the normal bumps and bruises of childhood and when they will claim you were negligent in your work and initiate a lawsuit – even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

The good news is that liability insurance for daycares can keep a lawsuit from causing financial devastation to the childcare business you’ve worked to build. With appropriate policies in place, you can rest assured that your business interests are protected if the worst should happen – and go back to focusing on the truly important things: the children you’re watching.

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Your daycare organization has a different insurance profile than other small businesses. You deal with parents, children, and a host of liabilities that are unique to child care professionals.

Insureon has the insurance and agents to help you cover the particular needs of your organization. You’ll work with an agent trained in the needs for childcare NPOs and small businesses. Don’t settle for generic insurance policies. Get a policy custom-designed to match your liabilities.

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