Food Bank / Soup Kitchen Insurance
Insurance Policies for Food Pantry, Food Bank, Soup Kitchen, and Food Drive Nonprofit Organizations

Here’s a breakdown of insurance policies vital to meeting your state requirements, covering your food pantry / soup kitchen from lawsuits, and paying for other unexpected costs.

Directors and Officers Insurance for Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens, and Other Community Service Food Organizations

Directors and Officers Insurance (aka D&O Insurance) can pay for lawsuits against your board of directors and other corporate officers.

Protecting your board’s liabilities is important not just for the obvious reason that a lawsuit is expensive. Many prospective board members will look to see if your organization will cover their liabilities. In this sense, D&O insurance is also a recruitment tool for nonprofits.

What is D&O insurance? Directors and Officers Insurance pays for lawsuits that claim your board acted improperly. Such claims might include allegations that your board…

  • Misused or mishandled funds.
  • Mistreated, harassed, or improperly terminated employees.
  • Was negligent in its duties.

Let’s say your organization receives a major donation. After you stop celebrating, you know there will be disagreement about how to invest or spend that money. When someone alleges the board misused the funds, D&O Insurance can pay for the lawsuit.

Insureon: Custom-Built Small Business Insurance for Food Charities

Insureon matches its customers with insurance experts in their field. When you contact insureon, you’ll work with an insurance specialist in nonprofit insurance for food charities.

Working with insureon’s insurance specialists can save your organization time and money. Our agents will know which liabilities you face and which coverages are important to secure. Our agents will cut unnecessary coverage from your policies, and find you the insurance you need without breaking your budget.

Insureon can give you fast, effective insurance. Our online insurance application process only takes minutes. Contact us today.

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