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Business Insurance for Group Homes, Housing, Assisted Living, and Other Adult Care Nonprofits

Running a group home, assisted living facility, or other adult care center doesn’t leave a lot of down time. Between coordinating with care providers, monitoring residents, and keeping up the building, there’s not much time to worry about liability insurance. But having appropriate policies in place can greatly improve the long-term financial strength of your residence.

While lawsuits against adult care housing nonprofits are not common, when they do happen, they can be financially devastating. Even if your facility is found to have done nothing wrong, defending yourself in court can come with several thousand dollars in legal bills. And if you are assigned liability, the judgment or settlement against you can be crippling. The good news is that liability insurance can pay for many of the costs associated with lawsuits, including attorneys’ fees and judgments or settlements.

For information on the kinds of insurance that may help keep your assisted living facility financially stable, click on the coverage links below.

Directors and Officers Insurance for Group Homes, Senior Housing, Assisted Living, and Adult Foster Care Nonprofit Organizations

Directors and Officers Insurance (also known as D&O or Officers and Directors Insurance) is another vital component to your nonprofit insurance.

What is D&O Insurance? As the name would suggest, it protects your board of directors and other officers from lawsuits. More specifically, D&O coverage can pay for legal costs when the other party claims your board…

  • Was negligent in its official duties.
  • Failed to use funds properly.
  • Mistreated employees.
  • Wrongfully terminated employees.

Many of these lawsuits are unjustified and inaccurate, but regardless, you will have to pay for the legal defense. In other words, even if you and your board do everything right, someone could still sue you and cost your organization tens of thousands of dollars.

Often when NPOs don’t have D&O insurance, board members may have to pay for their own legal costs. For this reason, many board members will require that NPOs have this coverage.

D&O Insurance is an important insurance policy that also reassures board members your NPO will cover their liabilities.

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