Animal Shelter Insurance
Business Insurance for Animal Shelters, Pet Rescue, Adoption, and Other Animal NPOs

Running an animal shelter is not for the faint of heart (or nose). As often as you oversee happy endings for pets and families, you have to care for animals it seems no one wants, which can be emotionally devastating. Just as important, though, is the potential financial impact on your business one accident or unhappy customer can have.

Dog bites, over-eager animals that trip a visitor, and other occupational risks can cost you more than an adoptive owner. They can trigger lawsuits against your shelter that cost thousands of dollars to defend. The good news is that liability insurance can protect animal shelters from much of the financial chaos that comes with lawsuits. Because it can pay for the legal costs associated with defending against a suit, liability insurance can mean the difference between financial stability and insolvency for small shelters.

Below are some of the insurance policies that are most often useful for small animal shelters.

Directors and Officers Insurance for Pet Adoption NPOs, Dog Kennels, and Animal Shelters

Directors and Officers Insurance (also called D&O Insurance) is an important part of any nonprofit insurance portfolio because it protects your board of directors from lawsuits.

Your board may be sued when someone claims it…

  • Used funds improperly or poorly.
  • Terminated an employee wrongfully.
  • Was negligent.
  • Harassed or mistreated an employee.

When these lawsuits happen, directors will often have to pay for their own protection if a nonprofit does not have D&O insurance. As you can imagine, potential board members will want to know that your organization has this insurance and can protect them from these directors and officers liabilities.

Insureon: Custom-Designed Nonprofit Insurance for Animal Shelters

Unlike many insurance agencies, insureon goes out of its way to customize insurance policies to meet the needs of nonprofit businesses like yours. When you contact insureon, not only will you speak with an agent who knows nonprofit insurance, you will talk with someone who knows nonprofit liability insurance for animal shelters. Our agents use their training in different nonprofit markets to find insurance that fits your budget and protects your liabilities.

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