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Nonprofit hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centers have become increasingly rare in the United States as for-profit facilities take over. Still, mission-focused healthcare providers remain an important force in the healthcare industry – and they face the same liability exposures as their for-profit counterparts. Obviously, when patients’ health is on the line, the stakes are high and the potential for lawsuits is significant.

Those lawsuits can be prohibitively expensive, even when your healthcare facility is found to have done nothing wrong. Luckily, liability insurance can help manage the risk lawsuits pose. Because most liability policies can cover the costs associated with being sued (including lawyers’ fees, court costs, and even judgments or settlements), they offer a safety net and peace of mind that can be elusive in such a high-stakes field.

For more information on the kinds of policies that can help nonprofit healthcare centers, hospitals, and clinics reduce their risk of facing financial devastation after a lawsuit, read up on the policy types below.

Directors and Officers Insurance for Healthcare, Hospital, Clinic, and Medical Care Nonprofit Organizations

Directors and Officers Insurance (also called D&O or Officers and Directors Insurance) can cover the cost of certain lawsuits filed against your board of directors.

D&O covers lawsuits where other parties claim your board…

  • Was negligent in its duties.
  • Mismanaged or misused funds.
  • Wrongfully terminated a doctor, nurse, or other employee.
  • Harassed or mistreated employees.

Here’s how a D&O situation might play out. After your organization fires a doctor, you are served with a lawsuit alleging your directors unfairly terminated the doctor. If your organization has Directors and Officers Insurance, this policy can pay for the lawyers you’ll need to defend your board. In addition, D&O insurance can pay for the cost of a settlement to prevent the case from going to court. D&O can also pay for the judgment that the court awards to the doctors for their damages.

Without this insurance, you may have to ask your board to pay for their own legal defense. That’s not a good way to make friends.

But seriously, many community members will only join nonprofits that have sufficient D&O Insurance to cover them in case of a lawsuit. For this reason, D&O insurance is important to nonprofits New browser window icon. that are trying to recruit new members to their board.

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