Nursing Home Insurance
Business Insurance for Nonprofit Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, and Other Senior Living Facilities

Nursing homes, assisted living centers, and senior living facilities help the country’s oldest citizens live in dignity in their final years. By providing health care, food, lifestyle support, and community, they are important resources for the country’s aging population. But offering those services also exposes nursing homes to a number of risks. Lawsuits alleging injury, neglect, and even wrongful death are – if not common – not out of the realm of normalcy in today’s litigious climate.

To prevent such lawsuits from causing financial distress, assisted living centers and nursing homes can invest in liability insurance, which can cover the legal costs associated with being sued. In addition to attorney’s fees, liability insurance often covers court costs and judgments or settlements. For a better idea of how different kinds of business insurance can protect your nursing home or senior living facility, read about them below.

Directors and Officers Insurance for Senior Living, Rest Homes, Retirement Communities, and Care Homes

Directors and Officers Insurance (also called D&O or Officers and Directors Insurance) is important for nonprofits because of how crucial your board of directors is to your funding, growth, and performance.

Directors and Officers Insurance pays for lawsuits filed against your board members alleging they…

  • Misused or mishandled your nursing home’s finances.
  • Harassed, wrongfully terminated, or mistreated employees.
  • Were negligent in their official duties.

Board members want to know that your organization is protecting their professional liabilities, and because of this, many members of your community won’t join nonprofits that don’t have this insurance.

Make sure your organization is covered and able to attract new business and community leaders to its board of directors.

Insureon: Custom-Built Small Business Insurance for Nursing Homes, Senior Housing and Other Care Homes

Don’t settle for one-size-fits all insurance plans. Insureon offers custom-made insurance plans for nonprofits like yours. When you submit your online application, insureon will assign you an agent who is an expert in nursing home insurance. Working with an expert means that your insurance plan won’t be bloated with costly and unnecessary insurance coverages. You’ll get what you want and what you need. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Contact insureon today and put our experts to work.

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