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Senior centers provide a gathering place where older Americans can enjoy the company of their peers. Whether they offer meals and outings or a place to play cards and talk about life, they’re a key part of many people’s retirement experience. But what happens when someone trips on a welcome mat or falls on a spilled soda? Because the clientele of senior centers is by definition an older group, the injuries they suffer can be serious even if the incident was relatively minor.

For this reason, it’s essential that senior centers and facilities that offer senior classes have adequate liability insurance in place. In the event of a slip-and-fall accident (as well as a number of other incidents), liability insurance can cover immediate medical expenses as well as legal costs if the injured person sues. To find out which types of liability insurance make the most sense for your senior center, read about the various types of coverage below.

Directors and Officers Insurance for Nonprofit Centers for Senior Activities, Exercise for the Elderly, and Senior Clubs

As a nonprofit, your senior activities center needs a strong, well-connected board of directors to grow and make connections in the community.Directors and Officers Insurance (also called D&O Insurance) protects your board’s liabilities.

D&O Insurance covers lawsuits that claim your board…

  • Was negligent in its professional responsibilities.
  • Treated an employee improperly (harassment, wrongful termination, etc.).
  • Made mistakes managing the organization’s funds.

Let’s say that your senior center has an activities leader who consistently gets poor performance ratings. When your organization lets them go, you could face a wrongful termination lawsuit. Even if the employee was clearly underperforming, sometimes they will sue their former employers. Many wrongful termination suits are without merit, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen.

D&O insurance can cover the cost of these lawsuits and prevent them from costing your organization thousands of dollars.

Insureon: Custom-Built Insurance for Senior Centers, Clubs and Classes

Many nonprofits operate on a tight budget. We understand that. Our agents will work with you to try to find nonprofit insurance for cheaper. We’ll cut out the unnecessary parts of your policy, giving you the coverage you want without the extraneous costs.

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