Vocational Training Insurance
Business Insurance for Vocational Schools, Workshops and Other Nonprofit Vocational Training Organizations

As the owner of a nonprofit vocational workshop, it’s your job to prepare people to face the challenges of different workplaces. That’s a lot like what we do at insureon. We’re trying to get nonprofits insurance to protect them from the unseen challenges and expenses that can sink any organization.

Lawsuits, damaged property, and other unexpected challenges can overwhelm your organization with expenses, legal fees, and other difficulties. These insurance policies are fundamental to protecting your organization…

Directors and Officers Insurance for Vocational Workshop Nonprofit Organizations

Directors and Officers Insurance (also called D&O or Officers and Directors Insurance) protects your board of directors and corporate offices from lawsuits that claim they…

  • Were negligent in their official duties as a board member.
  • Mistreated employees.
  • Mishandled or misused money.

If one of your employees files a harassment suit against a member of your board, Directors and Officers Insurance can pay for your legal defense. If a dispute about how to invest your organization’s money leads to a lawsuit, D&O coverage can protect your board from these costs.

Without D&O insurance, board members would have to pay their own legal expenses. Prospective board members will want your organization to have D&O coverage to protect their personal assets.

In this way, D&O is an important part of recruiting new board members to your organization. For more information about the relationship between insurance and board recruitment, check out this article New browser window icon..

Insureon: Customized Nonprofit Insurance for Vocational Workshops

Insureon’s agents will use their expertise in nonprofit insurance to customize insurance policies from top-rated insurers.

Each insureon agent specializes in certain industries. When you work with us, you’ll work with someone who knows the ins and outs of your liabilities and can help you find ways to save money on your insurance while still securing top-rated insurance.

After you fill out our simple, online insurance form, our agents will use the information you provide to customize a policy to fit your organization. In addition, your agent will use their expertise of vocational school nonprofits to tailor your policy even further.

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