Property Insurance
for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit and social services organizations depend on computers and a wealth of other supplies in order to help others and transform communities. If you run a vocational workshop, you depend on your desks, seating, and media equipment to teach participants. Your soup kitchen relies on its ovens, stoves, culinary tools, and ingredients to serve those in need. So if a fire, tornado, or burglary destroys your equipment and ruins your business space, your charity would have to halt operations until replacements and repairs can be made. But would you have the funds to do so?

With adequate Property Insurance, your nonprofit or social services business could survive the unexpected financial hit of replacing damaged or lost property. In the event of a covered claim, your policy compensates your business for the replacement of its assets and repairs to your business premises, even if you rent your office space.

Because your business is built on serving others, every day your business is tied up with finding replacement equipment and repairing damaged property is time away from your cause. Learn how Property Insurance can quickly restore your business assets and get your company back on track after a setback.

Property Insurance Benefits

Nonprofit and Social Services Organizations: How Property Insurance Benefits Your Cause

Your nonprofit’s Property Insurance policy can protect your building and its contents — including computers, media equipment, and supplies — from loss or damage from a covered event (typically natural disasters and theft). Though most policies offer coverage for your assets’ replacement values, you may come across policies that offer coverage for your property’s current value. Though these policies may cost less, often a better defense against unexpected losses is to insure your property at its full replacement value. In the event of a covered claim, such as a fire or robbery, you won’t have to worry about whether you have the means to quickly replace your new property. You will, and you can do so with new gear, too.

Property Insurance also extends to cover others’ property while it is in your business’s care, control, or custody. For example, if you rent your building or office space, your policy can still compensate for the repairs your premises require after a severe storm or act of vandalism.

Depending on your nonprofit or social service organization’s line of work, your business may be eligible for a Business Owner’s Policy or BOP. This policy is an affordable and streamlined solution for the most common risks your business may face. By bundling Property Insurance and General Liability Insurance together, your business has comprehensive coverage against property damage or third-party liability claims. Talk to an insureon agent to learn whether your charitable organization is eligible for the protection a BOP provides.

Property Insurance Key Details

Key Details About Property Insurance

A commercial Property Insurance policy can be the difference between your nonprofit organization quickly getting on its feet after a fire destroys your office building or losing time, effort, and finances trying to scrape together the funds on your own. As you shop around for a business protection plan for your organization, don’t forget the following key advantages a Property Insurance policy offers your business.

Building Coverage for Nonprofits and Social Service Providers

When natural disasters or break-ins occur, your building may suffer the hardest blow. From broken windows to leveled offices, your Property Insurance coverage offers the funds to make quick repairs possible. No matter whether you rent or own your office space, your policy can include coverage for the building and its contents, including furniture, fixtures, and supplies. If you do rent your property, this policy can fulfill the insurance requirements likely specified by your lease.

Computers and Media Coverage for Nonprofits and Social Service Providers

In the digital age, most nonprofits rely on computers and media devices to spread their message, recruit volunteers, and conduct day-to-day operations. Your Property Insurance can provide the funds to replace computers, computer equipment, tablets, smartphones, and more, depending on your policy terms and limits. This coverage may even compensate for the costs of researching or repairing lost or damaged data and software. It can also provide for the costs to research, replace, or repair lost or damaged data due to a power failure or computer virus.

Business Interruption Coverage for Nonprofits and Social Service Providers

If an unforeseen disaster keeps your business doors closed while it makes repairs and replaces damaged equipment, the Business Interruption portion of your policy can offer funds so you can cover utilities, rent, payroll, and foregone income. Depending on your policy, this coverage may reimburse your lost earnings for up to 12 months. Ask your insureon agent to learn whether your nonprofit business can benefit from this add-on to your Property Insurance policy.

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Nonprofits: Customize Your Business Protection Plan

Our insureon agents work with nonprofits and social service providers each day to bring them the most reliable coverage for their business protection needs. We understand that each day without your equipment is time away from serving your community and pursuing your cause. That’s why we work with top-rated insurance providers so that you benefit from their speedy payouts in the event of a covered property claim.

When you’re ready to insure the equipment, supplies, and office space that your organization relies on, complete our quick online application. Depending on your needs, we may be able to send you competitive quotes in minutes.

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